May 2019 Newsletter

From the Pastor’s Pen….


GRACE is the most important word in the Bible. We are saved by grace. We live by the gospel of grace. We are told to draw near to the throne of grace. All of us are the recipients of God’s unconditional grace whichever way we turn or wherever we go in the world. God sends his sunshine and his rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike. While we were weak and still his enemies, God sent Jesus to die for us. And, God sent the Holy Spirit to beautify and empower our lives with grace, and to lead us in the path of grace. Thomas Aquinas said, “Grace comes into the soul, as the morning sun into the world. First a dawning, then a light, and at last the sun in its full and excellent brightness.” It was many years before I began to appreciate the full meaning of Grace, and I still have a lot to learn.

Blessings to all, Pastor Norm Erlendson

Missions -

Baby Bottles for Life

On May 12th, Mother’s Day, we will begin collecting for Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center's "Baby Bottles for Life”. Our donations help women with the expenses of an unplanned pregnancy. You're invited to take home a baby bottle, fill it with coins, bills, or a check, and return it on Fathers' Day, June 16th. Sally Salancy and Dee Kimball are the contacts for this community outreach program.

Library/Book Store

We have set up a Library/Book Store in the nursery room off the parlor. The concept is to "Take a Book and Leave a Donation". Once you donate, the book is yours. If you would like to donate books, that would be great and we ask that you simply put them on the shelves. We hope you all will enjoy the chance to read a great book and help Missions at the same time! Dee Kimball and Sally Salancy are the Missions liaisons for this project.

In our prayers -

Libby Kennedy, Inky Lattimore, Carolyn Burdick, Cindy Cline, Thurlow Coats, Bob Elmer, Frank Costa, Elias and Martin Dahlin 

The men and women serving our nation in the armed forces. 

Our church, its ministries and its people.

Thanks to -

Those who helped make our Missions Sunday a wonderful success! 

Those who helped with Pastor Norm’s Installation Service & Reception. 

Those that help with the church clean-up days.

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